Fireweed is committed to conducting exploration and mine development activities sustainably to enhance project and investment certainty through:
Robust practices informed by the aspirations and interests of Indigenous peoples and local communities.
Project plans that are environmentally and socially responsible, and effectively governed.
Seeking the Free, Prior and Informed Consent of Indigenous peoples.

Our sustainability approach reflects the importance of Fireweed’s commitment to sustainable mine development for its critical metals projects, integrating ESG principles with Indigenous peoples at the core (ESGI). Respect for the environment, ensuring strong compliance and safety performance, and providing employment and economic opportunities for Indigenous and local communities are key to our sustainability goals.

  • Meaningful engagement
  • Participation in project design
  • Employment, training and economic opportunities
  • Consent-based project advancement
  • Water usage and quality
  • Land stewardship
  • Waste management
  • Human rights: equity, diversity, inclusion
  • Health & safety
  • Community & stakeholder relationships
  • Northern community benefits
  • Ethical business conduct and compliance
  • Independent members of Board
  • Management and internal controls
  • Risk based planning and controls